Thursday, September 30, 2021

Older iOS or Android Device Not Connecting to Multiplayer?

Is your older iOS or Android device no longer able to connect to play online multiplayer games, but instead you get a general error about a potential account problem or other connection problem? If you have tried resetting your password and making sure your internet connection is working correctly, but still have problems, you may be experiencing a problem with not having recent security updates (or probably any updates at all recently) on your older device. If you are using an older iOS version older than iOS 10 or Android less than version 7.1.1 (with some exceptions), that older device does not have the latest security updates required to connect securely to the game servers. Without going into a lot of technical details as to why/how this has happened, know that there is this concept of a "root certificate" that your device is missing, but needs to be installed and trusted in order to be able to continue to connect to the game (and many other websites/apps in the future as well most likely). That root certificate is the one used by our website to secure it over HTTPS/SSL (again, skipping over most of the technical parts), and is provided by a company called "LetsEncrypt" (they provide our SSL Certificate). The solution is to add this root certificate to your older device manually. You need to use your device that is having problems to follow these high level steps:

  1. On your device having the problem, go to
  2. Scroll down to the section below the image titled "Root Certificates", and under the "Active" listing the first item is "ISRG Root X1".
  3. Under "ISRG Root X1", to the right of that is the "Self Signed" item linked as "der".  Select and download that "der" certificate file.
  4. Open that file on your device and follow any prompts to install it as a root certificate. How you do this exactly will depend on your device. For example, here is how to install a certificate on an Android Pixel device. Other Android devices will require you to go to the Settings app and under a Security section to install the certificate, while most older iOS devices will guide you directly after trying to open the file.

Once installed, you may have to restart your device and then try again to use the game. If simply opening the certificate file you downloaded does not get you started on installing the root certificate, you may have to do a Google search for specific instructions for how to install it on your specific device. It is usually just a few short steps.

Finally, if you try this and still have problems, then this may not be what is causing your issue and you should email us at for further assistance.

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