Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Exciting New Features in the Cribbage Pro 2.9 Release

The latest update for Cribbage Pro is here, and version 2.9 brings some awesome new features and gameplay modes to really take your cribbage skills to the next level! Here's the highlights for what's new:

  • "Daily Cribbage Scrimmage" Challenges! This exciting new mode lets you take on a fresh daily cribbage challenge against standardized gameplay conditions. See the full Cribbage Scrimmage help article for details, but here is a quick summary:

In the Daily Scrimmage, a kind of "Duplicate Cribbage", all players receive identical sets of cards and play against the same opponent - the highest difficulty "Brutal" AI player. The cut card, first dealer, and computer gameplay are all uniformly set each day to ensure a true test of skill.

You'll earn "Scrimmage Points" (SP) based on your pegging, hand scoring, point spread, win/loss result, and more. Rack up a high score and you can share your SP total along with a results link to compete with friends! You can also see your standing relative to others in the all new Daily Scrimmage Leaderboard.

The scrimmage resets at midnight each day, allowing you to keep playing to extend your streak. Here are some other key details:

  • Identical cards/deck used worldwide
  • Automatic counting, no hints
  • Standardized gameplay vs "Brutal" AI
  • Earn SP for pegging, hand score, spread, win/skunk
  • Share scores/SP with friends via link
  • Track your daily playing streak
There are several other really great features in this update as well.
  • Leaderboard Friend Groups! You can now filter the global leaderboard to just show your friends and your relative ranking among them. Perfect for some friendly competition.
  • "Tools & Calculators" Section! Analyze potential discards for a hand, score a completed hand, or even create your own custom game scenario or challenge to play through or share.
  • XP Level Progress Bar Update: The experience level progress bar now shows the exact number of XP earned and needed to reach the next level.
  • Improved Multiplayer Game Summary: Game summaries now display even if your opponent quits before the end.
  • New Option to Auto-Kick Blocked Players: There's a new option to automatically kick any opponent that you have on your "Hide" list from multiplayer games.

Plus several other minor improvements and bug fixes to further enhance gameplay.

Download the latest version of Cribbage Pro now to start enjoying these new features! Take on today's Daily Scrimmage, share your scores with friends, and get ready for some thrilling new cribbage game play!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Competitive Cribbage - Spring 2024

Competitive Cribbage - Spring 2024

The Winter 2024 season of competitive cribbage has finished, and once again it went far above my expectations! This is starting to sound repetitive, but yet again there were more players in the Winter 2024 competitive season than we have seen in a long time. In fact, there were more players than we have ever seen before, and more matches played than ever before! I know that the competition was intense at every level. We will be keeping the changes made last season in place at least until further improvements are made in other related areas that we are actively working towards. Spring 2024 will match the format of Winter 2024 - no changes.

Winter 2024 Wrap Up

The Winter 2024 season brought a fresh wave of participants, with numerous new faces adding to the mix. However, amidst the influx of newcomers, there were also many familiar names who returned to showcase their skills, as evidenced by the final Top 50 standings. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every individual who contributed to the season's success. Your active involvement is the cornerstone of our cribbage community, shaping its vibrancy and diversity, whether you made it to the Top 50 or not. I appreciate each of you for being a part of this wonderful journey. Thank you for making the Winter 2024 season memorable and enjoyable for all!

In 1st place for Winter 2024, we have "lbolt58", who is up from just 3rd place last season. 2nd place is someone we have seen before too, "nob4one", who is up from 12th last season. 3rd place goes to "iPeg", who was 10th last season, but certainly someone we have seen in the top positions often. "Mrpadre" will get our honorable mention this season, coming in at 10th and up from 27th last season. They held on to that position for a while here at the end of the season, and I know it took some solid effort to do that, with so much strong competition this season.

Other interesting positions to note include "VGKnights", who has now finished 5th for the second season in a row. "hillchem" moved up 5 positions from 17th to 12th, and "scout3" went up from 33rd last season to finish 14th!

I hope that you all enjoyed the competition. Congratulations to you all for your putting your skills to the test!

As usual, we have the special commendation given to those who secured a place within the Top 50. In recognition of your accomplishments, you've earned an in-game "board peg" symbolizing your achievement. The highest-ranking player receives the prestigious "crown" board peg, while all others in the Top 50 receive a distinctive "star" board peg. These pegs are prominently displayed during online multiplayer matches and serve as a permanent badge of distinction. If you see an opponent with one of these pegs, know that they've earned it through their performance in competitive play, securing a spot among the top contenders.

Remember: Complete Your 10 matches per week! See the FAQ for details.

Here was the final Top 50 for Winter 2024:


If you have any questions, feedback on what you would like to see around prizes, structure or anything else, email us any time at support@FullerSystems.com.