Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Cribbage Pro Now Available on Windows & Mac!

After many requests, and a fair amount of work, Cribbage Pro is now available on both Windows PC and Mac!

Download Cribbage Pro for Windows If you have a Windows computer, download Cribbage Pro from the Windows Store now!
Download Cribbage Pro on the Mac App Store If you have a Mac, get Cribbage Pro on the Mac App Store!

You will find there are some fairly minor visual tweaks in this version of the game as compared to the current mobile version, but every features is there and ready for you to enjoy. There are a few new minor features, like the ability to log out and log back in easily and some new animations for cards when playing. We do hope to add even more in the future as we move to this new system that will eventually be used for all versions of the game, including on mobile devices.

If you use a Windows or Mac computer, please consider supporting the game by installing it and writing a review in the corresponding app store for it. As always, if you find anything that doesn't work as you expect or otherwise have any comments or suggestions, please email us at


  1. Good to see the windows version appear...

    Is there a free version for Windows (e.g. with advertising) or is it just a paid version?

    1. We believe that advertising in a game on desktop computers just doesn't work well, and so there is only the paid version available. On the Windows Store you will find that it has a free trial available.

  2. In which case, I'll continue to simply be an active player on android.

    Keep up the good work, it's the best cribbage game on the web by far...


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