Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Exciting New Features in the Cribbage Pro 2.9 Release

The latest update for Cribbage Pro is here, and version 2.9 brings some awesome new features and gameplay modes to really take your cribbage skills to the next level! Here's the highlights for what's new:

  • "Daily Cribbage Scrimmage" Challenges! This exciting new mode lets you take on a fresh daily cribbage challenge against standardized gameplay conditions. See the full Cribbage Scrimmage help article for details, but here is a quick summary:

In the Daily Scrimmage, a kind of "Duplicate Cribbage", all players receive identical sets of cards and play against the same opponent - the highest difficulty "Brutal" AI player. The cut card, first dealer, and computer gameplay are all uniformly set each day to ensure a true test of skill.

You'll earn "Scrimmage Points" (SP) based on your pegging, hand scoring, point spread, win/loss result, and more. Rack up a high score and you can share your SP total along with a results link to compete with friends! You can also see your standing relative to others in the all new Daily Scrimmage Leaderboard.

The scrimmage resets at midnight each day, allowing you to keep playing to extend your streak. Here are some other key details:

  • Identical cards/deck used worldwide
  • Automatic counting, no hints
  • Standardized gameplay vs "Brutal" AI
  • Earn SP for pegging, hand score, spread, win/skunk
  • Share scores/SP with friends via link
  • Track your daily playing streak
There are several other really great features in this update as well.
  • Leaderboard Friend Groups! You can now filter the global leaderboard to just show your friends and your relative ranking among them. Perfect for some friendly competition.
  • "Tools & Calculators" Section! Analyze potential discards for a hand, score a completed hand, or even create your own custom game scenario or challenge to play through or share.
  • XP Level Progress Bar Update: The experience level progress bar now shows the exact number of XP earned and needed to reach the next level.
  • Improved Multiplayer Game Summary: Game summaries now display even if your opponent quits before the end.
  • New Option to Auto-Kick Blocked Players: There's a new option to automatically kick any opponent that you have on your "Hide" list from multiplayer games.

Plus several other minor improvements and bug fixes to further enhance gameplay.

Download the latest version of Cribbage Pro now to start enjoying these new features! Take on today's Daily Scrimmage, share your scores with friends, and get ready for some thrilling new cribbage game play!


  1. In the Daily scrimmage, if one plays multiple games on the same day...is it the same dealt cards each time?

    1. Yes, it is a daily challenge that only changes by the day. This allows you to try multiple times and learn different strategies to win. The game tracks your attempts, so you can see the difference between your first attempt and others in the Leaderboard.

  2. I am a bit surprised that the points ab rating isn't strictly based on the final point spread. There can be good tactical reasons for prioritizing board position over maximum hand or peg points and to me it seems a bit strange to be penalized for trying to win the game.

    1. I should also have added that I really appreciate this new feature that enables a comparison without chance with other players :)
      Similar to the other leaderboards it would be nice to see a relative percentile ranking and not just the absolute ranking position.

    2. Great question! If you follow the link to the full help article on the Daily Scrimmage challenge, you will see that SP are awarded for significant hand and pegging points, but those are just 10 SP each while the spread is worth 25 SP for each point in the spread. If you win a game, that is an extra 1000 SP, which means that if you sacrificed a few points (and subsequently SP) during playing the game so that you win, that winning SP is going to be the key difference in the final total SP. Of course a skunk or double skunk add even more SP. If you sacrifice some hand/pegging points that you didn't actually need to sacrifice to win, then you will earn fewer SP, but we feel that is keeping with the ideas of how the scrimmage is intended to be played. In other words, the intended goal (the one built into the game, but others are certainly free to consider their own criteria) of the daily scrimmage is to maximize your SP to reach the top position in the Leaderboard, and although winning is a big part of that, it isn't the only part of the challenge being presented. The other idea behind earning SP for things other than winning/spread is to provide a "tie breaker" of sorts that can account for other skills shown during a game. If we scored SP only by spread, we would have a huge number of "tie games" with no way to show who may have done better during the game in some measurable way. Still, as you can see in the Leaderboard, the highest winning spread (the person who won by the most points) is almost always the top ranked there, with only a few exceptions where the spread is quite close (usually both winning), and it can be argued that the one with the higher SP ended up playing "better" in at least some respects. Again, the daily cribbage scrimmage challenge is not just about "who can win the game" or "who can win the game by the most points", but about earning the most SP along the way. It is a compound challenge, with multiple factors to consider as you play, adding a fun new dimension to the game.

  3. For the daily play when does the new day start. Is it 00.01 UTC or is aligned with some other timezone?

    1. Everyone has a full 24 hours to complete the daily challenge. It uses your local device time, but it may reject games for the Leaderboard within limits of that.


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