Tuesday, December 20, 2022

New Cribbage Pro Beta Available on Mobile!

Cribbage Pro Is Getting New Features!

As you may have read in the recent Competitive Matchmaking Season blog post, we recently released a "Beta Test" version of the upcoming release of Cribbage Pro, and I have recently added some exciting new features there! Have you ever wondered what was the best discard decision among all of the possibilities, and why? Now you can know with our new hand "Grade" tool, which is also integrated into the hints system! It is even visible for your opponent's hand, and even in multiplayer games! I plan to discuss more about how that feature works in the future, but I'm also excited to announce that the beta is now available for those on iOS and iPadOS devices through the Apple TestFlight system! For Apple users, just use this link to sign up and get started with the latest version of Cribbage Pro here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/EbFA7iuB (For the "Contests" version on iOS, use this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/3UstfEqD)For Android users, continue to simply go to the Google Play Store listing for the free version of Cribbage Pro on your Android device (if reading this on a different device, you can sign up here) and select the option to sign up for the Beta and install it directly there.

As a beta tester, you will be able to get early access to all of the new features, while also having your input guide the future of Cribbage Pro! I have received a lot of great feedback already, and it has shaped the game, and in particular the new features. I am listening, and really want your input!

You can always switch back out of the beta at any time, but if you have any suggestions at all, please take a moment and send an email to support@FullerSystems.com with your feedback about the beta. This beta version uses a new "game engine", which is kind of like an operating system for games. As such, it will look a little different around things like how it scales to fit your screen, animations/sounds, some new options/settings, prompts/input screens, and other similar non-cribbage specific things. If you have used the desktop Mac/Windows version of Cribbage Pro, then much of this will look familiar (if you have the latest updates just released - so be sure to get that update).

This is a beta test version, which means it could still have a few bugs we need to work out. If you see one, let us know right away and don't assume we already know about it!

The beta will likely continue into January (Update: February/March) 2023 before this new version will become the full released version for everyone to use. Having all of you help beta test is extremely valuable to me, so go check it out and brag to your friends about getting early access to some fun new features!!

UPDATE Feb 2023: The feedback and participation has been amazing! Thank you all so much for participating, and even more so for providing great feedback. We have decided to run the beta a few weeks longer than originally planned. This will allow more time to make more improvements, while also giving everyone a little more time to play with the game and provide more feedback. I'm so excited to get this update out to everyone, but also want to make sure it is the best it can be! Keep that feedback coming!!


  1. OMFG!!!! This new update is the worst thing I've ever seen. Is there any way to go back to yesterday's version? The animations are so hard on the eyes to look at and you can't turn them off. Everything is so oversized. Even in the stats screen you have to manually grab a scroll bar instead of a normal scroll with the finger. This app looks like it went back to the 20th century. I've played it every day for years, but I doubt I will be playing it anymore until it is changed back to the way it was. :-(

    1. Hi, it sounds like you are using the Beta version of the game and are having some problems. Nothing should be too oversized, and you shouldn't have to use the scroll bar if you don't want to. Please email us at support@FullerSystems.com so we can work with you directly to make the game as best as possible for everyone.


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