Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Cribbage Pro Now Available on Windows & Mac!

After many requests, and a fair amount of work, Cribbage Pro is now available on both Windows PC and Mac!

Download Cribbage Pro for Windows If you have a Windows computer, download Cribbage Pro from the Windows Store now!
Download Cribbage Pro on the Mac App Store If you have a Mac, get Cribbage Pro on the Mac App Store!

You will find there are some fairly minor visual tweaks in this version of the game as compared to the current mobile version, but every features is there and ready for you to enjoy. There are a few new minor features, like the ability to log out and log back in easily and some new animations for cards when playing. We do hope to add even more in the future as we move to this new system that will eventually be used for all versions of the game, including on mobile devices.

If you use a Windows or Mac computer, please consider supporting the game by installing it and writing a review in the corresponding app store for it. As always, if you find anything that doesn't work as you expect or otherwise have any comments or suggestions, please email us at

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Competitive Cribbage - Autumn 2021 Season

Welcome to the Autumn 2021 Season of Competitive Matchmaking for Cribbage Pro! Competitive Cribbage Summer 2021 (Season 5) has ended. It is always great to see players on the Top 50 to end the season that were not in last season. Somehow you all manage to play more and more matches each season, setting a new record for players and matches this last season yet again, so the competition is definitely fierce!

Don't forget to tell your cribbage friends about competitive cribbage, and of course the chance to win the prizes! You have my permission (ok, a request) to brag to your friends about your placement and challenge them to see if they can do any better. In any case, thank you to all who were able to participate in this great game of cribbage.

In 1st place, we have (yes, again) "iPeg". 2nd place is "BigD4Life" (up from 23rd last season) and in 3rd we have "dkatz1877" (up from 9th last season). A close call in 4th is "236Postie", so a special shout out for that run at the top. This season's other honorable mentions go to 5th place player "ernie313" who came up from 30th last season, "Br1Guy" who was 21st last season and now 8th, and "DertyFerd" in 10th rising from 44th. I believe those improvements certainly represent some real hard work to get there. There were a lot of other big improvements again this season, including several new to the Top 50, so congratulations to you all as well.

I do have some potential inside information that may indicate iPeg could be taking a breather this new season. If you were sitting out and waiting for your chance to make a run at it, this may be your chance, or I suppose iPeg reads this and decides to not sit out! Should be a fun and exciting season either way. With that said, iPeg's accumulated Gold so far should make for a fun opponent in the Cribbage Contests system if you are looking for a way to make some extra cash. Maybe send iPeg a friend invite/challenge to put those winnings to good use! (sorry iPeg, you are about to get spammed with friend requests - the price of fame and fortune).

As with past seasons, everyone who finished the season in the Top 50 ("Recent" list), have been awarded both a special in-game "board peg" as well as Cribbage Pro Gold that can be used in the Cribbage Pro Contests system and then redeemed for cash (awards must be used at least once in a Contest to be cashed out to USDC, see the full terms and conditions for details). The top finisher is awarded the "crown" board peg, and all others in the Top 50 are awarded a "star" board peg. These pegs are shown to everyone when playing in online multiplayer games, and they are permanent, so if you see your opponent has one of them you can know that they have earned it by finishing in the Top 50 in competitive play. The Cribbage Pro Gold awards are as follows (not cumulative):

  • 4 Gold for Top 50
  • 7 Gold for Top 25
  • 10 Gold for Top 10
  • 20 Gold for 3rd Place
  • 30 Gold for 2nd Place
  • 50 Gold for 1st Place
Remember to complete your 10 matches per week. See the FAQ for details. Play early, and play often!

Here was the final Top 50 for Summer 2021 / Season 5: