Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Upcoming Cribbage Pro Minimum Version Changes

It has certainly been a little while since I have written very much on our blog, but there are some important changes coming to our online multiplayer system that I want to get the word out on.

To improve security, increase reliability and build on a platform that will allow us to introduce more features in the game going forward, a new minimum version of the game will be required for online multiplayer games around the first few weeks of February 2018. This is a completely new online multiplayer server system, and although we have tested it for a while to get it as good as we can, I do expect there will be some bugs that will need to be squashed when it hits the real world. If you get this update (version 2.6+) and see any problems with the online multiplayer system, please let us know by sending a screenshot of the problem to support@FullerSystems.com We will be working as quickly as possible to address any issues that come up. Please don't assume a problem is already known to us, but instead send in whatever problems you see.

If you use a device running an older operating system, it is likely that you will not be able to see this update. When we publish updates to the various app stores, there are direct (explicit requirements by the app stores and platforms) and indirect requirements (requirements of the tools to create the update) to use certain minimum device operating system versions. Due to those minimums, we are not able to provide an update to devices that are running old iOS versions below iOS 9, and older Android versions below 4.0.3. If you have a device running iOS 9 or above, or Android 4.0.3 or above, you will see this update and continue without any interruptions after you install it. If you are using a device that has an older version of iOS or Android, try and update to a newer version if it is available on your device so that you can receive this game update when it is released.

The older versions of the game will still function on older devices, but for the online multiplayer feature most all other players (over 99% of all players) will be updating and moving to the newer system when it is released. As a result anyone still on the old version will not see those other players who are using the new version of the game when you play multiplayer games. Players running the new version of the game will be able to play against others on the new version only. After that change is completed and the use of the old multiplayer system drops off, we will determine if we can keep the old system running or if it should be shut down completely if there are not enough players to keep it going.

If you have any questions, just send us an email at support@FullerSystems.com

Josh Fuller, CEO
Fuller Systems, Inc.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spread the Love Promotion!

I love this time of year here in the US. Spring is just around the corner, and on February the 14th we celebrate love with Valentine's Day. We also love our Cribbage Pro players, so in that same spirit, from now through the end of February we are "Spreading the Love" by increasing the prize amounts for the Cribbage Pro Online Multiplayer Contests.

For a limited time only, now through the end of February (11:59pm UTC on February 28th), all winners of Contests with an entry fee of more than 10 Gold (11 through 20) will earn 90% of all fees collected for that Contest (5% more than normal). For Contests with entry fees more than 20 Gold (21+), the winner will earn 95% of the collected fees for that Contest. That is a full 10% more, The largest prize possible anywhere*!

Be sure to read through the explanation of Contests if you have not done so already, and also make sure that you are eligible to play in your area by reviewing the full Contest Terms and Conditions. If you have never tried a Contest before, there has never been a better time to play. Happy Valentine's Day!

*Largest prize possible anywhere that we know of. If you play somewhere else that has a larger prize percentage for online cribbage contests, contact us and let us know.